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These days most people come across or discover Gabrielle Ray through her impressive legacy of postcard images. There are literally thousands of them and they can easily be found in antique stores and online on eBay by anyone wishing to collect them. This is a very enjoyable pastime for many people.

Josie Walsh's website at used to document many of them admirably. However, this site has gone due to Josie's recent ill health. The good news is I have the website contents and the domain - so the just brings you here now. I will be putting up the resource of all the postcards again soon - please come back at a later date if you wish to see that (ETA: apx end of June 2018).

Meanwhile, here I am going to talk a little about the postcards in general for those who have perhaps just found one and are wondering what it is worth and so on... In addition from time to time we will feature a few postcards for sale. All profits from the sale of postcards will go towards the upkeep of this website. See the bottom of this page for that section.

I've Just Found A Postcard of Gabrielle Ray in the Attic
What's it Worth?

Postcards of Gabrielle Ray are NOT rare. Over the years I have been contacted by many people who think they have discovered a rare antique in the form of one of her postcards. I'm sorry to disappoint but her postcards sell at antique fairs and junk shops for around £1 to £2 UK (around $2-4 US). On eBay you may expect to pay (or sell for) around £1 to £6 depending on the card. The highest price I've ever seen one fetch is around £8. It is possible you may have a rare example of one... but the odds are strongly against it. Even if you have found a rarity it's not likely to make you rich. Hand tinted / coloured cards are also NOT rare and neither are ones with glitter on them.

Will You Buy My Very Rare Postcard of Gabrielle Ray?

Thank you for asking. If you wish to sell me a postcard than be prepared to accept the kind of pricing mentioned above. In addition I already have thousands of her postcards so the chances are NOT very high that you will have anything I haven't already got. However, if you wish to take the time to find out, thank you for doing so! You may contact me here by using the contact page. If you have a scanner please scan the card and send me an image of it. If you do not have a scanner please send me all the text including numbers on the front of the card - e.g. 462P Rotary-Photo Miss Gabrielle Ray W&D Downey. If the card has no writing on the front please describe as fully as you can. If you feel the above pricing is less than you would want for the card I would suggest attempting to sell it on eBay at whatever price you feel it's worth.

Cards I Am Selling

This section will shortly have some cards I have spares of that I am putting up for sale. Please check back soon.

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